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5 rating

I am returning to leave a very positive review after my original cut and review yesterday. I Was contacted by the business owner and offered a correction to the cut. I returned earlier today and was greeted by the managers of the location. The assistant manager corrected my problems with the original cut and made it look really good. They also were interested in correcting the problems and working with the original stylist to train her better so that others have great cuts in the future. I now will recommend this business to others and certainly recommend Angellica.

1 rating

Worst haircut I have had in years. I asked for a cut with scissors. She starting making random chops with the scissors. And not just to even things out, but to thin out the sides. But the random chops were not making anything even. I finally told her to stop and to use clippers. After it was done and I got home, it is still uneven. The back hairline is square on one side and rounded on the other. I will even it out myself VS going back to have it corrected. This girl should not be cutting hair if this is how she handles it. Does she even know how to cut with scissors? As I was leaving, another guy came in to have some of his cut corrected too. I was looking for a new place close by to get my hair cut, this is not the place for me. I have had better from Supercuts and I don't even go to them.

1 rating

Very bad place to get a hair cut , My hair was not even, I have to go to another barber to get fix, I wish I could post a picture for everyone can see.

Rated 2.6 out of 5.0 based on 5 Client reviews

Clint H. | September 12, 2017 Haircut

"I had a great experience. I have been looking for a quality place to get my haircut near my home and"

Jamie E. | September 10, 2017 Haircut

"Terrible haircut!!! The hairstylist butchered my sons hair!!!! She left a huge bald spot in the fron"