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5 rating

Miriam G. is a great stylist. Great conversation and personality. I think this location has a new regular customer. Thanks for your great customer service. I'll definitely spread the word how awesome my experience was today.

1 rating

I have never had such a poor haircut experience as I have had this evening. I have been a customer of Sports Clips locations all over the state- and generally your brand and level of quality is superb. The Saginaw, Texas location failed you. When I was to be seated I was instructed to sit in a chair covered in someone else's hair- I asked if she could wipe it off as I didn't want the gray hair stuck to the back of my black shirt. Mind you this isn’t my hair, it’s that of the previous client. After a feeble attempt at dusting the chair with her hand I took the rag from the counter and did it myself. During the hair cut my stylist kept asking if it looked good. It did not, I didn’t think it was possible to mess up hair the way my stylist did. It was as if there was a blind man trimming shrubbery in the front yard. My stylist kept saying that my hair soaks up water from her spray bottle and that was the reason for her incompetence. Generally I opt for the MVP or the Triple Play as I have a beard. For fear of any more damage I told her that I would only be getting my hair cut today. I walked in there with an overgrown standard male hairstyle, was morphed into a lop-sided shrub and now my hair looks like new growth on a freshly planted Chia-Pet...with random weeds in it. What topped off the visit was when the stylist was trimming my neck. Rather than trim it upwards she dusted the clippers off right below my collar. At this point the apron that is designed to catch hair in the front has crumpled and spilled my hair all over my lap- she blows what hair I have left on top down my shirt. While I was getting my hair cut the two ladies were complaining about how busy they had been that evening. When another customer showed up they were not happy that they had to cut this gentleman’s hair as well. My only thought is that my stylist must have taken the anger of working such a long day out on my hair. I will NEVER return to this location again. I would sooner have a blind man with hedge clippers attempt cutting my hair.

5 rating

I have been to this location 3 times and it has been great each time. Each stylist has been very consistent with their haircuts and service.

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Chad F. | September 14, 2017 Overall Experience

"It's great to have you in Saginaw. Facility is great and easy to get to. Staff is friendly and knowl"